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Most applications are only average. Poor spelling, bad grammar and weak formatting; these are some of the basic mistakes many people are still making in job applications.

Most CVs submitted by job seekers are “average” with only 11 per cent ranking as “very good” according to a survey by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland.

The survey found that more than 80 per cent of those surveyed – they were 200 accountants involved in recruitment – have dismissed candidates entirely from the selection process due to badly prepared CVs.

Spelling was identified as the worst offender by 40 per cent of respondents, with formatting and grammar cited by 26 per cent and 25 per cent respectively.

The survey also illustrated the dearth of interview skills amongst candidates at present. Only one per cent of respondents felt that the overall quality of candidates’ interview skills was “excellent”.

Although the majority felt that skills were “good”, 40 per cent said they were “average”.

Ciara Murphy, marketing executive with the CPA Institute said: “The job market today is very challenging. There are ever increasing numbers of candidates pursuing fewer opportunities. It is essential that candidates concentrate on getting the basic elements of an application right, before thinking about how they can maximise their skill set and experience.”

“At a minimum a CV needs to be clear, concise, accurate and well written or the candidate simly won’t progress to the next stage in the application process.”

Poor communication skills were cited by the majority of respondents as the most frustrating thing to encounter in an interview situation, followed by a lack of interest and a candidate “waffling”.


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