How the Programme works


Register for the BREAKTHROUGH Programme here


Upload your CV to the BREAKTHROUGH Programme website – follow the link from the registration site.
Each CV submitted for review at the time of registration will be examined by a panel of experienced professional HR mentors. The opinion of the review panel will be reflected to each participant in the course of their individual CV review session.

Select your preferred time slot and mentor for review of your CV
The session will also suggest modifications to content, format and overall presentation of individual CVs in the context of improving the participant’s interview invitation conversion rate.


Pick and Mix your choices from the open sessions – the programme is set up in such a way that you if you have selected a morning personal CV review session (approx 1 hour), you can still attend all the open sessions in the afternoon.

For those with an afternoon review session, the vice versa applies.

This still allows you time to ammend your CV in between times and still catch all the sessions as the sessions are available during the mnorning and the afternoon.

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