Who should take part?

Increasingly, employers find it difficult to differentiate candidates on the grounds solely of academic achievement and this means that a well structured and appropriate CV is a must to get yourself into the frame and on the road to a career.Thereafter, performance at interview becomes the game changer.

And unfortunately, that’s where many excellent job applicants have difficulties – Our colleges and Universities excel at the academic side and while they do their best to embed the importance of a strong CV and an understanding of the interview process on their students, the effort fails in the face of more pressing priorities.

This programme is geared to help you increase your chances of success in finding employment – of course, we cannot guarantee success – that is entirely up to you in the end!

If you are …..

  • A Graduate entering the career/job market.

  • A School leaver entering the career/job market

  • A Job changer

  • A Career changer

  • Someone seeking a college place

  • A job returner

  • Someone affected by redundancies

Then this might be just the Programme for you!

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