Breakthrough Programme – Rationale

When, and wherever recruitment professionals meet for a quiet pint or professional networking, the subject often turns to the overall poor standard of CVs that land on their desks on a daily basis.

These poorly written and presented CVs are not a cause for ridicule – the decision not to invite a candidiate to proceed to the stage stage of the recruitment process solely on the basis of a CV, is never taken lightly.

Moreover, recruitment people are also very aware that in the process of recruiting, they may miss people who could make a difference to their business – however, the CV presented is all they have to go on and subsequently, recruitment decisions are taken and not always do the best and most able make it through to the interview and beyond.

Here’s a link to some comments from local recruitment professionals which highlight some aspects of CV preparation.

And here’s the results of a recent survey of CV standards across Ireland.

If you are finishing College or University during the next couple of months, then your next big challenge is to make your breakthrough into employment and start earning money as soon as possible.

For many, the opportunity to put newly, hard won qualifications in practice, is a serious business in a very competitive environment and while academic or vocational achievement is much sought after by employers, this is far from the whole story.

Increasingly, employers find it difficult to differentiate candidates on the grounds solely of academic achievement and this means that a well structured and appropriate CV is a must to get yourself into the frame and on the road to a career.Thereafter, performance at interview becomes the game changer.

The BREAKTHROUGH programme can help you make the difference and while we can’t guarantee that you’ll make it immediately to the first rung of your chosen career ladder, we can guarantee that your understanding of the need for a strong CV and the interview process will most definitely increase your chances of success in the future.

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