What Recruitment Professionals have to say about Interview standards…..

Having successfully negotiated the CV stage of the recruitment process, applicants must then prepare for the next and probably the most daunting stage – the interview.
The recent survey by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland (CPA) provides clear evidence of the dearth of Interview skills amongst candidates at present. Only 1pc of respondents felt that the overall quality of candidates’ interview skills was “excellent”. Although the majority felt that skills were “good”, 40pc said they were “average”, with only 7pc of respondents stating that candidates’ interview skills were “very good”.
While this survey related to those applying for posts in the accountancy sector, it is reasonable to conclude that this is the case right across all business sectors. Certainly, anecdotal experience from recruitment professionals supports this view and in the course of researching this programme, SharpenYourSkills.Com, opinion was sought from a number of recruiters and their comments included the following:
  • Not listening to the question.
  • Avoid saying things like “so I did” and “so I was”.
  • Dress is important – Avoid anything that is too way out
  • “I’m often amused by students who wear a black tie to interview – presumably a sign that the only time they wear a tie is to funerals (and interviews) – but even a black tie shows an effort to appear professional!”
  • It is not sufficient to say “I am a good team player”. You need to be able to explain what makes a good team
  • Don’t tell lies about experience – an experienced interviewer will be able to tell.
  •  “I don’t have any experience of using Microsoft Office, but I do have experience of using Hotmail and I understand that this is very similar.”
  • “Ohm’s Law? Yes, I know the most of it”
  • Saying you get on wonderfully well with everyone, while grating against the interviewers just won’t work! Body language can easily give you away.
The Institute of Certified Public Accountants, in association with Morgan McKinley, is currently running a series of Enhance Your Interview Skills Seminars for its student members, to look at how applicants can best maximise their chance of securing employment.

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